Passport 5
Good Tasting Practices

Know the basics of wine tasting

In Passeport 5, you will learn about the basics of tasting and serving wines. You will put your knowledge and new skills into practice with 3 wine tasting sessions:

  • Bordeaux and South West
  • Wines of France
  • Wines of the world

Training Content

The basic rules of tasting

The visual

The olfactory

The taste

Analysis and synthesis

Serving a wine

Serving white, red and sparkling wine

Serving alcohol

Tasting training #1: Bordeaux and South West

Tasting training #2: Wines of France

Tasting training #3: Wines of the world

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1075 € TTC*

Prerequisite: Be 18 years old.
Training details:

6 weeks

*Included tasting boxes

3 boxes of 6 wines.


BC02 (Taste wines and alcohols).

What you will receive following your registration

Following your registration, you will receive:

Access our learning platform. By creating an account. You will receive an access link.

3 tasting boxes, to be used at home, illustrating the course.

What does the Passport 5 exam consist of ?

Passeport 5 candidates are assessed throughout the training. In order to complete your certification, you will need to provide correct answers to 80% of the questions asked thoughout the training. 

You will study the basic rules of tasting by putting it into practice with 18 samples. This exercise should be practiced in a self-correcting form with the help of your samples’ tasting sheets carefully drafted by sommeliers/teachers. 

At the end of your course, you will have the opportunity to come and take your one-off tasting test in order to validate the BC02 skills block (for more information, contact us). 

Here are some examples of exam questions that will help you validate
BC01-04 certification (Research and select wines and spirits to build cellars):

a. That it has a fluid appearance

b. That it has an oily appearance

a. This is the time that we consider to be the best to fully appreciate the wine

b. This is the prime youth of the wine, where it is still in reserve

c. This is the period during which the wine is declining and losing its qualities.

Passeport 5 registration price Good tasting practices

1075 euros (Including tax & 3 boxes of 6 wines). 

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