Passport 2 French and Foreign Wine Regions & Wine and Food Pairing

Recommend a French and foreign wine in association with food

In Passport 2, you will learn about all the wine production regions in France (Bordeaux, Burgundy, Loire, etc.) as well as the wine producing countries in the world (Germany, South Africa, Chile, etc.).

To perfect your knowledge of wine regions, you will learn about different wine and food pairings. You will also study specific pairings such as chocolate, and cheese, and which wines they should be paired with.

Receive two tasting boxes of 5 wines : a total of 10 regional and foreign wines to illustrate the numerous regions studied throughout the course. 

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1435 € TTC*
Prerequisite : Be 18 years old.
Training details:

12 weeks


2 boxes of 5 wines


BC01-02 (Search and select wines and spirits).

French and Foreign Vineyards

The vineyard of Bordeaux

The vineyard of South West 

The Loire Valley vineyard

The Champagne vineyard

The Burgundy vineyard

The vineyards of Alsace and Lorraine

The Beaujolais vineyard

The Jura vineyard

The vineyards of the Rhône Valley

The Languedoc Roussillon vineyard

The vineyards of Provence and Corsica

The vineyard of Italy

The vineyard of Spain

The vineyard of Portugal

The vineyard of Greece

The vineyards of Germany and Austria

The vineyard of the USA

The Chilean vineyard

The vineyard of Argentina

The vineyards of New Zealand and Australia

The vineyards of South Africa

The vineyard of China

Wine and Food Pairings

Bordeaux wine and food pairings

Wine and food pairings in Alsace

Wine and food pairings in Beaujolais

Wine and food pairings in Burgundy

Wine and food pairings in Champagne

Wine and food pairings from Provence and Corsica

Wine and food pairings from Languedoc Roussillon

Wine and food pairings from the South West

Rhône wine and food pairings

Loire wine and food pairings

What you will receive following your registration

Following your registration, you will receive:

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Two tasting boxes, to be used at home, illustrating the course. 

What does the Passport 2 exam consist of?

Passport 2 candidates are assessed throughout the training. In order to complete your certification, you will need to provide correct answers to 80% of the questions asked thoughout the training. 

At the end of your course, you will have a final test. To obtain your certification, you must at least score 50% on the final. 

Here are some examples of exam questions that will help you validate
BC01-02 certification (research and select wines and spirits):

Registration price for Passport 2 French and Foreign Wine Regions & Wine and Food Pairings

1435 euros (Including tax & 2 boxes of 5 wines)

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