Passport 4
Cellar Management

Managing a cellar while ensuring its profitability

In Passport 4, you will learn the basics of marketing, customer relations as well as commercial and financial management. In this course, you will master the financial components of cellar management.

Training Content

Market research

The marketing mix
Analysis of demand and competition

The catchment area

The customer relationship

Customer typology


Commercial action

Customer satisfaction

Bordeaux trading
Wine fairs

The commercial offer

Classification and licenses


The composition of the sale price

Commercial management tools

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585 € TTC*

Prerequisite: Be 18 years old.
Training details:

4 weeks


BC01-04 (Research and select wines and spirits to build cellars).

What you will receive following your registration

Passport 4 candidates are assessed throughout the training. In order to complete your certification, you will need to provide correct answers to 80% of the questions asked thoughout the training. 

At the end of your course, you will have a final test. To obtain your certification, you must at least score 50% on the final. 

Here are some examples of exam questions that will help you validate BC01-04 certification (Research and select wines and spirits to build cellars):

a.Taste the wines b.Select wines for the merchant c.Check the transport of the wines to the merchant d.Guarantee the quality of the wines e.Putting a winegrower and a merchant in touch f.Check the availability of wines g.Know the prices of all French wines

a.The bottles are labeled, capped and packaged

b.The bottles are without labels and caps

Passeport 4 registration price : Managing a Cellar

585 euros TTC 

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